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Nutritional Education

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Organic or not?

Eating organic food is super important to maintain good health.  With all of the chemicals, pesticides, and toxins that are in our food the only way to ensure you are minimizing eating or drinking them is by buying locally grown where you know your farmer and can ask questions (that's why I love my CSA) or by buying organic when you can.  The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen is a list from the Environmental Working Group.  It is updated yearly and lists for us the 12 most pesticide laden fruits and vegetables (even after we wash them) as well as a list of the 15 "cleanest" fruits and veggies.  So if you are deciding where to spend your organic dollars this list is a must!

Sugar sugar sugar

We know it's bad for us but we can't stop eating it.  Refined or added sugar is in everything from ketchup to sauces to flavored yogurt to of course cookies, cakes, and pies.  But most of the sugar we consume comes in the form of soda and sweetened beverages.  Sugar leads to inflammation and the nutrition community as a whole agrees that inflammation leads to disease.  Here are some short videos that may shed some light on exactly how much sugar we are consuming and why we may want to stop. 





You Are What You Eat 

Food has the power to heal and the power to harm.  What you put into your body will determine which path you are on. Check out these clips from the film Food Matters and Hungry For Change.


Type 2 Diabetes

There is growing evidence that Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease.  You can change your lifestyle and give your body a chance to heal.  Raw, living foods like fruits and vegetables go a long way towards long term health.  Watch this trailor from the film Simply Raw.  For the full movie click here.  Of course ALWAYS consult your physician before making any change in diet or exercise.  


There is an epidemic of obesity in this country (United States) and elsewhere. Between sugary sweetened drinks, junk food being cheaper than real food, and a fast food restaurant on every corner you can feel like you are in a losing battle.  When you suffer from obesity and have that much weight to lose it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  There is a way to get back your health. Small steps one at a time.   For some inspiration to live a healthier life watch this trailor from the Joe Cross Film Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and see how this man transformed (and saved) his life with green juices.  Supersize Me is a film about Morgan Spurlock a man who decided to eat McDonalds for every meal for 30 days to see what happens.  He nearly destroyed his health in the process. 

*this is not suggested for everyone and please consult your physician before undertaking any changes in your diet and especially before undergoing a juice fast

 Healthy Living Guide:  

This infographic from Dr. Mercola is a great reminder of how to live a healthy  lifestyle.  Since it's been created however there are a few additions (unfortunately) to the GMO list.  They include: potato, apple, salmon (about to be approved by the FDA)