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My Favorite Things

This page is updated periodically as I discover new favorite things - so check back often! You wouldn't want to miss out.



I have recently delved into cleaning up my cosmetics and beauty products.  What goes on your skin is just as important as what goes inside your body so it made natural sense that this was the next step for me.  I found amazingly wonderful products at Beauty Counter.  Every product is made with safe, non toxic, non harmful ingredients. There are over 1500 ingredients on The Never List which you will never find in these products.  (Click Here to see The Never List and to print out your own copy)  This was one of the main things that drew me to this product.  Most of the items on The Never List are contained in mainstream beauty products, as currently the U.S. only bans 11 ingredients.  This didn't sit well with me so I made a change.  I have not tried every product but the ones I have tried I am hooked.  My current favorites are:  Wash Everyday Body Wash, Hydrate Everyday Body Lotion, (I actually mix some doTerra oils right in the container for extra skin conditioning specific to my needs) Tint SkinCountertime Soothing Face Wash and Protect All Over Sunscreen SPF 30. And for my kids I love the Kids Squeaky Clean Body Wash.    These products feel rich and luxurious on my skin and I know that I am not soaking up any toxins.  That makes me feel good about putting it on my body and the bodies of my beautiful boys.  Beauty Counter rates each product for safety so you know what you are buying and there is full disclosure on the website so you can see for yourself what you are putting on your skin.  I love these products so much that I signed up to be an independent representative for the company.  


Hands down my #1 all time favorite item.  This amazing high speed blender has changed my life.  Making green smoothies every morning is a must in my house.  I've turned my whole family on to them.  Before the Vitamix I was making 3 or 4 batches in my smaller appliance, just so that everyone had enough.  Now I make one HUGE batch and the whole family gets to enjoy the delicious healthy smoothie.  It has made my life so much easier and my family so much healthier.  I also chop onions, make soups and sauces and use it every single day.  For me it was worth the investment. 

If you are thinking about getting one I am happy to share the love with you.  Here is a Coupon Code for FREE SHIPPING. Just Click here and make sure Coupon Code 06-009588 is entered at checkout.  Happy Blending!



As a holistic mom I strive to find alternative ways to alleviate some of the more common ailments that go around my household. With doTerra Essential Oils I have been able to do just that.  I use Serenity Blend and Lavender oil to help calm my sons at night to help them sleep; Oil of Oregano and On Guard Blend to boost immune systems during cold and flu season; Breathe blend when my kids or I have a stuffy nose or cough; DigestZen helps with an upset stomach; Peppermint helps lower a fever and combat headaches; and Deep Blue blend is a must have for muscle aches.  In combination with health eating I have noticed a huge difference in the health of my family and myself.  Click here to shop for products or to learn more.

*Please note that essential oils are not regulated nor tested by the FDA so the effectiveness of these claims (which are my own personal experience) are not backed by the FDA or any other governing body and my statements are not meant or intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition.  Please consult a physician for any condition before adding essential oils to your lifestyle. 


A CSA is a cost effective way of buying locally grown seasonal organic produce.  You join a local CSA, pay for a share in that CSA in advance of the upcoming season, and each week you get a box of fresh organic locally grown seasonal fruits and/or vegetables either delivered to your door or for pick up at a nearby location.  The money you pay up front goes to the farmer to help with the cost of the farming.  You can feel good about your purchase because you are getting a huge box of food each week (sometimes it's too much to eat but that's why there are freezing methods so you can enjoy all year long) so you don't need to buy any produce at the store but equally important you are supporting local agriculture.  You are helping the environment because less travel means less gas and less emissions which is better for the planet.  You are buying organic which means no chemicals or toxic pesticides on your food and NO GMOs.  It's just a good feeling all around.  You can purchase a full share or smaller half shares.  There are winter and summer CSA shares available and CSA shares for locally grown meat, eggs, and milk. Depending on what you are looking for you can find it.  Click here to find a CSA near you.