About Me

Like many this is my second career.  My first  career, that I held for about 10 years, was as an attorney.  For many of the years I was practicing law I wasn't so happy.  I was longing for a more creative and inspiring way to express myself professionally.  I was longing to make a difference in peoples lives.  As tends to happen, that feeling of dissatisfaction bled into other areas of my life.  At points my diet suffered and most of the time my motivation and inspiration suffered.  Then I decided to take charge of my life and was lucky enough (after the birth of my beautiful twin boys) to make a career change.  I couldn't have done it without the support of my amazing husband. 

Nutrition had always been a passion of mine, as evidenced by the bookshelves in my home lined with reference books of every type, so I followed my heart.  I studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I was taught by some of the world's leading holistic experts.  I learned about different eating styles like raw foods, veganism, and paleo, to name a few.  I was being taught what I already believed  - that not every diet or way of eating works for everybody.  It reinforced my core belief that each of us is a unique being and each of us needs an individualized approach to health and wellness.  One size does not fit all.   It also reinforced my core belief that eating any diet as long as it is rich in whole foods is the key to long lasting health, energy, and wellness.

My own health history includes a prolonged journey to achieving my personal health. I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma when I was 29. I remember very clearly having a chemo treatment on my 30th birthday.  Having cancer was an event that changed my life, quite frankly for the better, although I would never have claimed that at the time.  I became a vegetarian (which lasted for 10 years) and really took a hard look at my life and what I could do to give myself the best chance at healing. I started reading everything I could get my hands on that talked about healing from the inside out.  I was always someone who looked outside the box for answers and it was during this time that I really discovered the healing power of foods and came to understand the importance of a holistic approach to things.  I did not view the cancer or my health as something in a vaccuum.  I was a whole person and the cancer was just one small piece of me.  

In conjunction with my medical treatment I cleaned up my diet and used food to help me heal.  I started juice fasting periodically and began to look into yoga as a form of exercise and in a way spirituality.  I’m happy to say that I am totally recovered now for almost 20 years.  Those years have included some struggles though.  I struggled with infertility, migraine headaches (at it's worst I was having over 20 migraines per month - debilitating and uncontrolled with medication), digestive issues, heartburn and weight gain. Truthfully I was feeling a bit out of control health wise, and in life in general, during those years.  I was popping this pill and that pill looking for a magic cure.  But it wasn’t until I stopped searching for the magic pill or the next best medicine to help me and instead started focusing on nutrient dense foods, and taking a full mind-body approach, that things got clear for me.  I aligned the principals I taught myself during my cancer treatment with the way I was living my life.  My health coach training at IIN just solidified things for me and today I sit in a career that I love helping people overcome their struggles, whatever they may be.  

I am now a Holistic Health Coach and focus my practice on empowering people with knowledge so they can make better nutritional choices for themselves and their families.  I embrace my client's individual qualities, goals, and needs so that they can find the right way of eating for them.  As a result all of my clients receive a personalized, individualized program that caters to their success and creates  lifelong changes that are easily maintained.  I draw upon my own experiences and I never forget that change is hard.  I partner with my clients which key to their success.  They never feel like they are going it alone.

In 2015 I added yoga to my list of services I provide to my clients.  Yoga has been a passion of mine for many years.  I completed my 200 hour yoga training at the end of December 2014 and now offer yoga instruction for private individuals, semi-private or small groups.  Yoga is a wonderful way to feed the soul, not to mention it's great for toning, lengthening, and strengthening the body. Check out the Yoga Tab at the top for more information on how you can get started with your very own  practice.  

You Can Be Your Best Self